Safety at Design Electric

Is not just a corporate goal; it is a core value and a requirement!

Our focus on employee health and safety goes beyond compliance and looks at best practices to prevent incidents and increase safe actions.

Our employees take pride in being proactive towards safety. Employees complete a daily Safe Task Analysis—a tool utilized to pre-plan each task and identify potential hazards, control those hazards, and utilize proper PPE as a last resort. Our crews also conduct weekly safety meetings on a variety of topics both pertinent to the safety field in general and the more specific safety needs and concerns of the company. While performing work, employees are accountable to look out for themselves and those around them—assuring everything and everyone is safe. If an incident occurs, we practice immediate reporting and investigations (if necessary) to find cause, implement corrective action, and prevent reoccurrence.

We also have a comprehensive post injury management program; we are committed to ensuring that any injured employee receives the best possible medical care. We take care of our employees by providing a transitional duty work program. When an employee is assigned medical restrictions, we work with our field supervisors to provide that employee productive, meaningful work that does not put the employee at risk for re-injury as they return to full duty. We provide post injury management training to all our supervisors and employees.

At Design Electric, we employ a full time Safety Director and a Safety Assistant to keep DEI compliant to all federal, state, and local regulations and requirements. We complete Safety Prequalification packages with our customers and contractors to ensure we are working with companies that have similar safety values. However, we understand that even the strictest policies in place will not prevent an incident. We are continuously striving for safety excellence through motivated employees actively receiving formal and/or hands-on safety training to improve their safety knowledge, skills, and ability. Additionally, to help achieve an “Incident-Free Environment” our Management team has actively placed safety as a top-priority in all aspects of work. Some of these best practice goals are listed below.


Our Safety Programs


Heavy Equipment Training

DEI management continues to be very involved in safety, both on-site and administratively. The safety department meets monthly with management to discuss safety concerns, prepare for potential hazards, and implement new goals and methods of ensuring a top notch safety program.

DEI also has a Safety Incentive Program in place where employees are rewarded upon their STA and weekly safety meeting completion. Employees are rewarded on a quarterly basis and an annual basis for these proactive initiatives. Employees are also rewarded monthly when they are setting an example by working safely. With all these safe programs, it goes without saying that we value our employees and their health and safety!


Safety Association

The Blue Ridge Safety Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the safety and health of people in central and western Virginia, through education and training. The Blue Ridge Safety Association partners with area Safety Networks.

Training programs, seminars and on-site visits by the area Safety Networks provide a wide range of educational and training opportunities for businesses and industries. Training courses can be tailored to an individual site's needs and conducted on site.

Associated with James Madison University for professional instruction and accreditation of training courses and seminars.


2015 Safety Achievements


DEI employees recognized as site safety leaders during “Safety Week”

Letter of praise for safe work practices of DEI employees

OSHA recognition certificate for participating in 2015 National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

2016 Safety Achievements


OSHA recognition certificate for participating in 2016 National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction


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