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Our Objective

To provide the finest commercial, industrial and residential installation of electrical systems at the most reasonable cost using the most current technology.



The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board is featuring Design Electric a “model apprenticeship sponsor”



In today’s constantly changing and technically sophisticated business landscape, companies around the country are facing significant talent shortages and skill gaps, often paying a high price in lost productivity and profits.

A variety of federal and state programs administered through Workforce Development Boards and their partners strive to change that. In the northern Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board (SVWDB) works with regional training programs and other partners to provide businesses with the latest information and tools they need to recruit, train and retain the skilled workforce required to compete in domestic and global markets.


Current Projects

  UVA 35 kV Ductbank Project  


  UVA Health System Education Resource Center  

    PM: Danny Casaday.

  UVA MRI Relocation Ph 2 Pkg1  

    PM: David Kirby. Supt: Linwood Smith.

  UVA McCormick Road Houses Renovations  


  UVA Gooch Dillard Phase III  

  UVA Rotunda Renovations  

  Supt: Mark Laster.

  UVA 7th & 8th Floor Renovations  

  PM. Justin Hewitt.

  UVA Lee Street Utilities  

  PM: David Kirby. Supt: Wavley Thomas.

  UVA Newcomb Rd Chiller Plant  

  Wilson Middle School  

  Cassell Elementary School  

  Riverheads Elementary  

  JMU Potomac Hall Fire Alarm  

  VCU Childrens Hospital Signal  

  Cavalier Produce Warehouse and Office Facility  

  PM: Justin Hewitt. Supt: Neal Donald.

  Shenandoah Growers Greenhouse Project  

  PM: Rick Yates. Supt: Rick Whetzel.

  Monticello WV Improvement  


PM: Justin Hewitt. Supt: Carlos Bramhall.

  Montpelier Claude Moore Hall