October 2015


We are working with Plug Power to install a hydrogen refueling system in support of hydrogen fuel cells at the Walmart Distribution Center at Zion Crossroads.  This project will allow Walmart to make the transition away from traditional power sources to hydrogen fuel cell power solutions for all of their material handling equipment, resulting in streamlined operations while maximizing fleet uptime and reducing greenhouse gas emissions within their facility.   

Project Manager:
Mike Napier Superintendent: Michael Rocko Estimated Finish: November 2015    

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The system includes:

• hydrogen storage and compression equipment (on the hydrogen pad outside the customer facility)

• refueling stations (inside the customer facility)

• hydrogen piping and electrical and communications wiring (between the outside and inside infrastructure).

For Design Electric, this project encompasses work throughout the indoor facility and on the outdoor equipment pad. Our expertise with the requirements of working in hazardous environments is an advantage to being able to successfully complete this installation in a timely manner.

Outside, our scope of work includes the installation of a duct bank to be used for connecting the outdoor equipment to the indoor infrastructure, including hydrogen, communications, power, and instrument air. Additionally, we are installing a ground ring for the entire pad and tying it to the existing building. On the equipment pad, we are also installing explosion-proof site lighting and E-stops. Finally, we will be installing lightning protection for the roof vent stacks at each of the fuel dispensers in the building.

In the building, we began with the installation of a feeder conduit from the control room to a new panel to be used for powering the equipment on the outdoor equipment pad. Additionally, we installed new 120V circuits to each of the four refueling stations throughout the site, as well as receptacles for the air dryer used to support the system operation and router used for communication. At the refueling stations, we installed conduit and wiring to connect the fuel dispensers to their associated control panels. Lastly, we installed a fiber ring from the outdoor equipment to each of the dispenser control panels in the building.

This project follows an aggressive schedule with work commencing in mid-September 2015. The target completion is the end of October 2015, with system commissioning and start up set for mid-November, in time to introduce fuel cells for the extremely busy Thanksgiving holiday at the distribution center.

There have been many who have contributed to this project from our team. I would like to thank all those who have work so hard. Giving up time with friends and family.



This facility is used for student engineering projects. Design’s work includes installing new lighting, an electrical service panel, fire alarm devices, boiler replacement and Hot water pumps and controls.  

Project Manager: Jesse Woodson  Estimated Finish: December 2015