April 2016


McCormick Rd MTHW Tunnel

In total this job lasted about 9 months. The tunnel is about 1500’ long, traveling from the McCormick and Alderman intersection to Thorton Hall. We installed light fixtures every 25’. The Prefabrication Dept. prefabbed everything we could think of, boxes, nipples, and hangers. The tunnel is about 18’ underground at the intersection and slopes to 38’ underground at Thorton Hall. These new water lines will serve the science and dormitory buildings on McCormick as they are renovated.


Holiday Inn 5th Street   

Holiday Inn 5th Street is winding down and will soon be opening its newly renovated greeting and dining area. Gregory Morris and Chip Davis install strip LED lights.


Helipad at MJH

Design Electric is wiring the lights around the concrete pad which include, pole lights, ground lights, and wind sock lights. Timeline: 4/11-5/31


JMU East Tower

Team from left to right:

Frank Wojciechowski, Allen Bennett, Daniel Denoncourt, Adam Hughes, Robert Edmunds, Johnny Stokes, Jeffrey Conrad, Jeff Coen, Charles Armstrong, Aaron Dove, Mark Detlefsen, Kenneth Smith, Robert Edmunds, Brian Koogler.


Blue Ridge Community College



UVA McCormick Houses Renovations

Project: Design Electric will assist in the process of upgrading the electrical systems in the renovation of McCormick Houses. Renovations will include ten four-story houses (six-buildings) that were built in the early 1950’s. Renovation work:

  • Replacing all existing bathrooms.
  • Removing some partitions to make room for community lounges, study rooms, laundry, and multi-purpose rooms with kitchens on the ground floor and staff apartments on the first floor.
  • All finishes will be upgraded.
  • An single 3,500 lb. elevator will be installed in each wing.


  • Utility Phase – May 2016
  • Building Renovation – May 2017
  • Completion - No later than August 2nd, 2021

UVA 7th-8th Floor

Project: Renovating the 7th and 8th floors. This job will be very meticulous as power will need to be maintained in close proximity to the work area. There will have to be a lot of planning and coordination so as not to disturb infant residence close by. 

Timeline: Begins this summer and last for 1.5 to 2 years.

Monticello Pump Stations 1&2

Project: Service for water system.

Timeline: Begins this summer.

Northside Cal Ripken Field

Project: Installing the lighting at the new ball-field.

Timeline: Begins in July.

ZXR Sanitary CO

Project: Pump Station for Louisa.

Timeline: 2nd week in June – August.



Jackson Via Elementary School

Project: Fire Alarm Revamp.

Timeline:This job starts when school lets out and will run through August.


Project: Upgrading lights to LED.

Timeline: This job will last about two weeks.

Brown College UVA

Project: Remodeling the bathrooms.

Timeline: This job starts June 6th and lasts through August 31st.

Interesting: There is a waiting list to stay in these dorms because of their historical value.

Timber wood Service

Project: Providing both an 800 amp service and 1200 amp service for the Timberwood Commons Office Buildings.

Timeline: Begins 4/18-4/22.

Claudius Crozet Park

Project: Adding six new LED pole lights for the parking lot.

Timeline: Begins 7/4-7/25.


Project: We are providing the electrical hook-up for the new HVAC system.

Timeline: 6/1-8/22.


Project: Emergency power.

Timeline: Now – June 27th.