Honda House

64% Energy Savings

T-12 Replacement: Previous System 2‐lamp T‐12, Solution 68W, Linear LED Fixture


Honda House has been in business since 1966. They are one of Richmond’s leading Honda dealer.



Honda House was seeking a brighter and more energy efficient solution for their maintenance bay. The old T‐12 fixtures were inadequately suited for the task.



To help the business improve light and save money they replaced energy consuming T‐12, 2-lamp, 190 watt fixtures with 68 watt LED Linear fixtures.



Replace (39) 8’, T‐12 fixtures in their shop with (39) ALEO LED Linear fixtures.



Their wattage dropped from 7,410 watts to 2,652 watts a 64% drop! Footcandles were more than tripled. The LED eliminated heavy maintenance costs and provided superior lighting throughout their working space.