Toyota Auto Dealership

50% Energy Savings


This Auto Dealership has serviced and repaired Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles in the Richmond, VA area for more than 40 years.



This Auto Dealership was seeking a brighter and more customer friendly lighting solution for their sales lot. The old HPS system put off a dull pink glow making the sales lot uninviting.



Replace (14) 400 watt HPS street- lights in their exterior sales lot with (14) 200 watt LED Delta Street Lights.



Estimated energy consumption was reduced by 12,230 KWh per year. Their wattage dropped from 5,600 watts to 2,800 watts, a 50% drop. Foot-candles were tripled going from 6 with the old HPS system to 18 with LED Street Lights. The Lighting LED upgrade eliminated heavy maintenance costs and provided a whiter, brighter light that was able to light their car lot for a safer and more enjoyable customer experience.