Madison Wood Preservers

67% Energy Savings


Madison Wood Preservers operates the world’s largest wood treating facility in terms of physical size and treating capacity. Their 180,000 sq. ft . Warehouse which covers 4 1/3 acres houses huge expanses of prime treated lumber.



Relying on an old, outdated HPS lighting system, their facility was poorly lit. Also, energy usage was high due to their operating schedule and inefficient lighting. Maintenance was costly due to costly ballast and bulb changes.



Replace (105) 400 watt HPS lights in their large lumber warehouse area with (105) SONARAY LED for both energy savings and a crisper/brighter light which greatly improved both production and safety concerns.



Estimated energy consumption was reduced by 176,904 KWh per year. Their wattage dropped from 47,250 watts to 15,750 watts. In addition, their average foot-candles went from 6 foot-candles to 19 foot-candles. The SONARAY LED upgrade eliminated the need for costly lift, ballast and bulb changes and allowed for a highly illuminated work area making it safe for their employees.