Collegiate School

50% Energy Savings


Collegiate School is a preparatory school for boys and girls located in Richmond, Virginia. The student body of Collegiate comprises about 1,600 total students and was founded in 1915.



Collegiate School needed to bring their GYM up to VA High School League illumination standards and provide their students with safe and effective lighting.



Replace (24) 400 watt Metal Halide high bays in their gym with (30) 250 watt SONARAY LED High Bays for superior lighting.



Collegiate School reduced its wattage usage from 10,800 watts to 7,500 watts. Eliminated the need for costly maintenance associated with ballast and bulbs and perhaps most important increased the center court illumination from a dismal 11 foot candles to a staggering 91 foot candles. A 636% increase in light!